Bienvenue Art Fair 2018: Cité des Arts - Paris

15 - 27 October 2018 

Bienvenue Art Fair is a new contemporary art event in Paris which takes place in mid-October at the Cité Internationale des Arts in the Marais district during the FIAC period. On the occasion of the first edition of Bienvenue Art Fair, Oniris presents works by Frédéric Bouffandeau.


Vibrant, the works of Frédéric Bouffandeau spread joyful and colourful waves. Sometimes the shapes are flush, evanescent, caressing, barely perceptible, and when they are not bathed in a luminous halo as is the case with neon lights, they are even radiant. His works are deliberately reduced to a few elements (outline, plane, colour), thus displaying a research in the use of paint. It is the same for the neon lights and paintings on display: the mediums dialogue, collide, cohabit, without ever fading away.