Art Paris 2019: Grand Palais - Paris

4 - 7 April 2019
Section Solo-show - Vera Molnar

On the occasion of Art Paris art fair 2019, the Oniris gallery presents a solo exhibition of Vera Molnar as part of the fair's "Solo show" program.

A pioneer in the use of computers in artistic creation at the end of the sixties, Vera Molnar turned to geometric abstraction, working on form, its transformation and its displacement from the fifties onwards.

As a true visual artist, she explores lines, squares, whites, blacks, greys, blues, reds and brings out the unexpected and imaginary freedom through a series of transformations of forms worthy of scientific experimentation.

On this occasion, the Oniris gallery stand is totally dedicated to Vera Molnar with paintings and works on paper (hand and computer) from all periods.