Odile Decq - Noir Fracture - hiver 2017 - Oniris


After "Noir Fracture" in 2012, the Oniris gallery reiterates its invitation to Odile Decq for a new solo exhibition entitled "Geometry-Anisotropy" from January 20 to March 4, 2017, in Rennes. 

"I intervene as an artist when I exhibit interventions in space, or create objects that evoke my concerns in the field of architecture, but which then take on another meaning; I free myself from the status of architect, in order to interpret my creations myself as an artist. »

An iconoclastic personality, Odile Decq claims a transversal approach to architecture that would not be confined to a strict profession but would encompass other aspects such as design and plastic creation. As a real jack-of-all-trades, she designs buildings, furniture, lighting... just as she creates sculptural or photographic works.

On the occasion of this second exhibition in Rennes, Odile Decq presents recent works which have in common their origin: the first pencil strokes of one project and images from another. Whether this project becomes a building or something else, the first strokes and the first curves give balance to the whole. This search for purity and simplicity in the line seems far removed from the final project.

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