Collectif - De noir et de Blanc - automne 2014 - Oniris


The Oniris gallery exhibits a group of works by artists from its universe of geometric abstraction around black and white: "Abstraction of abstraction".

The art of black & white is at its peak when from their confrontation is born the line, the form and makes useless the intrusion of colour. We then speak of "purism" since the radicality is extreme: the use of black & white alone is the ultimate point of the simplification and reduction of painting. It is the abstraction of abstraction.

This group exhibition of artists from the Oniris gallery focuses on the close relationship between geometry and black & white in the creations of artists such as Ode Bertrand, Norman Dilworth, Julije Knifer, Vera Molnar, François Morellet, Yves Popet and Marie-Thérèse Vacossin.

Installation Views