Pierre ANTONIUCCI: Coulisses


Pierre Antoniucci expresses his pleasure in painting and reflecting on the painting through his work between figuration and abstraction.


For several decades, Antoniucci has developed several very personal ways: drawing and folding of the canvas or paper creating reliefs and discontinuities in the reading of the subject or texts.


His paintings are "additions of subtractions". They result from accumulations of motives successively covered, buried, totally or partially according to the pictorial and plastic research of the painter, under layers of ashes. What is destined to disappear constitutes the material of the painting, even the painting itself.


Antoniucci's works on paper are drawings by their reality, their material, their support, their spontaneity which gives the impression of a gesture in the process of being made, of the writing that runs on the sheet... But one can also say that his drawings are totally painted insofar as they bring into play all the elements of a properly pictorial composition.


Where others might be satisfied simply with the appearance of an idea, the sketch of an association of shapes and colors, Pierre Antoniucci develops to the end all the properties of the plastic arrangements implemented in each situation, on each theme, in each work procedure.


In his works, Pierre Antoniucci questions contemporary painting, its tradition, the support of the canvas where rigorous structures and given figures confront each other, which he never ceases to revise, rethink and rework.


"Coulisse", a solo exhibition of recent works to be discovered from Friday, January 28 to March 12, 2022