Guillaume Moschini: peintures récentes


In his work, Guillaume Moschini relies totally on color. It is freehand, with a sure and precise gesture that he creates the shape or rather the forms.


The palette is vivid and contrasting: harmony of yellow and green, orange and blue... but also more muted agreements, from beige to gray. The shapes are very simple: two rectangles out of balance with large breaths given by the whites or the unbleached tones of the blank canvas. "The forms oppose each other on the surface of the canvas, one ascending, the other descending" writes Marielle Barascud. "But they can also complement each other by their color or their value, digging the surface of the painting, destabilizing it. "Sometimes the difficulty of choice imposes the monochrome", pink or gray. The two forms are then only a whisper, just a few lines of outline in negative, eaten by the color.


This one mixed with ink and acrylic is very fluid and each time it is given differently on the canvas. With each series, Guillaume Moschini looks for "the right brush, the right tools, the right tension of the canvas". Colors and tones are invented for each new series of variations. The painting of Guillaume Moschini is of an "illusory simplicity". Meditated on for a long time in the solitude of a well-ordered studio, it is deeply felt. Everything is a matter of rhythm.


A solo exhibition of recent paintings by Guillaume Moschini to be discovered from Friday February 24 to Saturday April 29, 2023
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