Vera Molnar, One line...

Musée des Beaux Art - Caen (14)

MAY 26 - SEPTEMBER 2, 2018


In the minimal vocabulary that Vera Molnar employs, the line holds a major place. It espouses all possible directions, running on paper, canvas or wall. It can be flexible, trembling or straight, short or long, tenuous or thick, it can be drawn with a pencil, a brush dipped in gouache or paint, it can also be generated by a computer. It sometimes simulates a writing, is materialized in certain works by a tended wire or the juxtaposition of torn papers. Claude Monet's millstone, the profile of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, dear to Cézanne, and the magic square of Dürer's Melancholy inspire in their turn new linear structures, subject to multiple variations. This omnipresent line is "like a curriculum vitae, in the image of all my past activities: the sum of my life" (1997). Inventive and vagabond, it crosses all the work of Vera Molnar and is at the heart of the exhibition presented at the Museum of Fine Arts in Caen.

26 May 2018
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