Norman Dilworth - Ruppert Prize

Museum im Kulturspeicher - Würzburg (Germany)

November 15, 2019 - January 30, 2020


Every three years, the city awards Würzburg the price Peter C. Ruppert of Concrete Art in Europe . The prize money of 15,000 euros is provided by the Peter C. Ruppert Foundation - Concrete Art Collection in Europe after 1945. Name bearer is the entrepreneur Peter C. Ruppert (1935–2019)

The prize is awarded to internationally significant artists of concrete art . It serves to highlight the rank and importance of Concrete Art for the development of contemporary art and to make the Peter C. Ruppert Collection in the museum in the Kulturspeicher Würzburg known to the wider public. At the same time, the award is intended to make the special status of Würzburg as a cultural and European city clear, both nationally and internationally. The prize was first awarded in 2008 to the French artist François Morellet , in 2011 to the German Heijo Hangen and in 2013 to the Hungarian artist Dóra Maurer.

15 nov. 2019 > 30 Jan. 2020
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