François Dilasser, le bruit de nos vies

Espace Rebeyrolle - Eymoutiers (87)

from June 5 to November 13, 2022


A self-taught painter with a singular career, contemporary of Rebeyrolle, the works of François Dilasser which are exhibited retrace the career of an unknown artist, sometimes solitary, observer of the world around him. From his Breton nature and through his series, Dilasser gives us to see all the poetry of his universe, that of bruit de nos vies…(the noise of our lives)...


Olivier Delavallade, curator of the exhibition / extract from the catalog

François Dilasser's work, like his thought, moves in a universe of forms in permanent mutation. It is an art of transmutations. Everything is formed and transformed: gardens metamorphose into planets; heads, while lying down, become rocks or enclosures; figures become landscapes... As much as the forms, the very meaning is transformed or rather turned around; Dilasser's time is cyclical rather than linear. His art thus escapes any univocal reading (...)

François Dilasser's works have been regularly exhibited at the Oniris Gallery in solo and group shows from 1987 until his death in 2012.




exhibition from June 5 to November 13, 2022


Espace Paul Rebeyrolle

Route de Nedde - 87120 Eymoutiers

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