Carole Rivalin, Jumelles culturelles


from June 11 to November 6, 2022




Carole Rivalin participates in the Franco-Italian exhibition "Jumelles culturelles : Mayenne-Jesi, un voyage artistique" at the Musée du Château de Mayenne from June 11th to November 6th 2022.

Mayenne and Jesi, twin cities for twenty years, have a rich and varied heritage. The heritage collections are housed in emblematic monuments: the Pinacoteca Pianetti for Jesi and the castle museum for Mayenne. This transnational exhibition was born from the common desire to put into perspective the heritage of the two cities and their surroundings through contemporary creation. Through our landscapes and our artists, through photography, painting, sculpture... This exhibition is a real artistic journey and continues to weave a common culture: the desire to go towards the other

An exhibition with French and Italian artists:

  • B 959 - drawing
  • Samantha Capomasi - typography
  • Florian Chevillard - typography
  • CH-RO-MO - painting and graphic design
  • Fabrizio Cotognini - sculpture and collage
  • Valérian Henry - object design
  • Sandrine Jousseaume - photography
  • Xavier Noël - gilding
  • Tommaso Pigliapochi - typography
  • Carole Rivalin - textile installation
  • Jean-Simon Roch - object design
  • Guillaume Sardin - drawing
  • Emanuele Scorcelletti - photography
  • Paola Tassetti - sculpture
  • Francesca Tilio - photography
  • Cyril Zarcone - sculpture


Mayenne Castle Museum

Place Juhel - 53100 Mayenne - tel. +33 243 00 17 17

11 June 2022
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