Art Paris 2018: Grand Palais - Paris

4 - 8 April 2018 
Section solo-show

For the 2018 edition of Art Paris art fair, the Oniris gallery presents a solo exhibition of the painter Geneviève Asse.

Exhibited six times at the gallery since 1995, the Centre Pompidou Paris devoted a remarkable exhibition to her in 2013. Painter of light, she is first identified today by an incomparable colour, the "ASSE blue".

Since the 1940s, Geneviève Asse has been offering us an extremely rich art whose quality and depth transport us into a contemplation that is meant to be silent. On her canvases of various sizes, the artist uses only one colour, blue. This blue is here synonymous with infinity, distance and fullness, for the painter this hue is the only one that, covering the support of the canvas also allows to cross it.

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