Philippe Cognée and Jean-Pierre Pincemin - Correspondances - Fall 2020 - Oniris


The "Correspondances" exhibition brings together Philippe Cognée and Jean-Pierre Pincemin around their paintings on paper.

Colleagues at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts d'Angers in the 90s, the two painters know and respect each other well.

For the Oniris gallery, which exhibited JP Pincemin regularly during his lifetime in Rennes and during his participation in exhibitions, this exhibition is the first major event around his work since his death in 2005.

The exhibition will be based on large ink drawings by Pincemin from a work he explains:

"The Louvre being the most erotic place I know, I thought I had to make a lady. I had in mind Picasso's engraving Dame regardant un objet surréaliste (Lady looking at a surrealist object). By inverting we have a lady being looked at by a gentleman and by a donkey, it was meant to be comical, to produce a good mood. But all that is terribly sexual, it became annoying, the Louvre would not have accepted it. So I turned the men and the donkeys into skeletons... As a result, it became something completely different, not La Jeune Fille et la mort, but "the young girl being troussed by a skeleton", which is even worse. Later, I found an engraving by Dürer on the theme of the lady being ridden by a man on horseback... This is where the word unconsciously means something. These comico-erotic works, light, allowed me to advance in the question of figuration the passage to a more narrative painting." (JP Pincemin)


Installation Views