Alain Clément: recent works


Alain Clément's productions all have in common that they are colored compositions, "non-figurative", which have no "subject", but in which gestuality, the body, and writing take into account the space of the work (of the painting or sculpture) and the real space (that of the spectator and the exhibition space).


The bright color now plays a determining role.

« My forms radiate and pulsate the space. The composition is born from their tensions. They seek to constitute an autonomous and moving space which digs or inflates the plane until the sculpture. » A.C.

In Clément's work, paintings and sculptures can thus be largely articulated. If the paintings appear as architectural spaces, structured by the color, put in shape by the values, the sculptures are like the projection of the pictorial gestures, of the forms-colors, in the space: the painting leaves the pictorial field illusionist. Space is the material of the painter as well as the sculptor.


Personal exhibition of recent works by Alain Clément to be discovered from Friday February 10 to Saturday March 17, 2023


Vernissage open to all in the presence of the artist Friday, February 10 from 6 to 8 pm
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