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Musée de la cohue - Vannes (56)



The works gathered in the upper room of the Musée de la Cohue, speak of the landscapes known and loved by Geneviève Asse. The titles Rhuys, Au fil des jours, Cahier océanique, speak of the vibrant reality that has run through her painting for just over half a century.


It was in post-war Paris that she became an independent artist, rigorous and determined to commit herself to an aesthetic vision that she shared with Nicolas de Staël, Viera da Silva, Olivier Debré... Together, they led painting towards a sensitive abstraction.


Geneviève Asse's long career has made her an internationally renowned painter in the art world and in institutions.


The second floor of the museum is devoted to the presentation of Geneviève Asse's works, which allows the visitor to discover the important donation made by the artist to the museum.

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