femmes années 50. Au fil de l'abstraction peinture et sculpture

Musée Soulage de Rodez (12)

FROM DECEMBER 14, 2019 TO OCTOBER 31, 2020


This exhibition presents women artists, painters, printmakers, sculptors in Paris in this fertile decade where they worked in large numbers. Some are attached to great figures: Sophie Taueber-Arp and Sonia Delaunay; others are involved in the adulthood of painting: Christine Boumeester, Maria HelenaVieira da Silva, Judit Reigl, Marie Raymond, Aurelie Nemours; still others have just arrived: Pierrette Bloch, Geneviève Asse, Anna Mark, Liliane Klapisch... They exert, but in dispersed order, an active force, multiplied tenfold by the critic and the gallery owners. They oscillate between the concrete art and the lyric abstraction. In spite of a deficit of recognition, they trace a road in what one conveniently calls the School of Paris. If they adhere to this movement, it is often to overflow.


This exhibition retraces their history, from the pioneers to the young shoots, who will go foot by foot to free themselves from the male canons and, from the end of the 1960s, provoke the irruption of specifically feminine themes.

14 de. 2019 > 31 oct. 2020
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